She Who Shall Not Be Named

Well, our little princess has arrived. I will not mention her name because I don't want any random stalkers knowing who our daughter is. Actually, we are slacker parents, and we simply haven't decided on a name yet. Everything went uber well, and mom and baby are doing great. Here's a few pics to quench your thirst. As you can see, one of the kids is a little more excited about having a sister than the other - I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one.


Invaders Game

Thought I might add a little flare to the blog. Try this classic game to ease your mind of your daily troubles.


The not-just-famous, but IN-famous Lagoon Story

All right, clones, you’ve all be waiting for this so here it is (in the form of a poem):

Here’s a story about Lagoon
It’s about to make me look like a buffoon
This really isn’t much of a story
So I will try to give it some glory

As we walked to get in line for the Mouse Trap
An idea hit me like a lightning zap
I would use my skillz to win a prize
One that would please my kids with its large dimensions

I yelled to my companions “Come one, come all.”
“Watch me win a prize with a basketball!”
As I handed the lad my money,
I knew my shot would be sweet as bee nectar.

The ball left my hands with ease
Yet I knew my shot would not please
As I watched my shot move wide
The ball promptly bounced of the rim’s edge

Oh No! My money is wasted.
Alas, victory would not be tasted
But wait! My shot followed a new course
Which quickly erased any remorse

Through the adjacent rim my shot was made
Only once has a shot had me more amazed
As I looked at the lad who was just a beginner
His mouth opened wide and declared “We have a winner.”

A Spurs teddy bear was my claim
But the bear’s d├ęcor put me to shame
A Jazz bear would have been sweet
But now, the Spurs bear will feel the bottom of my cleat

Now, as my story is done,
I hope you realize what a wonderful prize I won
Softly roars the ocean floor
I hope this poem didn’t bore
DISCLAIMER: Yes, I intentionally made some of the words not rhyme.