Some Pics of the Kiddies

So, I've come to the realization that many of the people who view this blog are more interested in seeing pics of the kids, rather than sampling my literary style. So, I've decided to get a few more pics up for you all, in an attempt to save this blog. Unfortunately, our camera was misplaced over Christmas, so I don't have any pictures of the holidays.


The Office Quote of the Day

Let me describe the perfect date: I take her out to a nice dinner. She looks amazing. Some guy tries to hit on her... now he wants to fight- so I grab him- I throw him into the jukebox! Then the other ninja's got a knife, he comes at me, we grapple, I turn his knife on him. Blood on the dance floor. She's scared now. I take her home. I'm holding her in my arms. I reach in for a kiss... I hear something in the leaves, I flip her around, she gets a poison arrow right in her back. She was in on it the whole time... but I knew. Dwight Schrute..from the episode in season one where the purse lady comes to sell stuff.


Baby Come Back

It is a sad, sad day for me. The Jeep is sold. Seeing how the guy isn't picking it up until tonight, I may be being a little bit presumptuous. Nevertheless, my heart is full, and I can barely hold back the tears. Oh, the memories, the memories. Despite the fact that it has been sitting on the side of my house for the better part of a year, it will always hold a special place in my heart - right next to the fat wad of cash I got for selling it. Like someone once said, "When a door closes, open up a window to let the sunshine in."