Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.  This year was filled with significant events, yet none so significant perhaps as the fact that I participated in No-shave November.  Actually, I don't know if participate is the right word because in my mind participate involves more than one person.  Sure, there were likely countless others who participated in No-shave November besides me, but I wasn't directly involved with their "contest."
The significance in going a whole month without shaving my beard is that, although I look ruggedly handsome with a beard, I cannot stand it when my facial hair starts to itch, and this usually happens by about week two of a beard growing cycle.  It gets so itchy that I'm constantly scratching my cheeks.
However, I finally did it, and much to my dismay, the itchiness never went away.  So I shaved some handsome handlebars, but they weren't so handsome after I realized they weren't symmetrical, so I opted to sport the stache for the better part of a week and a half.
Here is the cycle:



The real significance of making it through No-Shave November is because only someone manly enough to grow a beard can handle a sandwich like this - mmmmmmmmmmmm.