Beavers, Otters and Moosen

Before I start, let me tell you it's been approximately 9 1/2 hours since I deleted my facebook account, and I feel great. Due to my liberation from the vices of facebook, I have decided to reinstate Don't Stop Believin' by Petra Harden as the only song on this blog. Happy times.

Now, I usually don't get too personal on this blog, but I had the most unusual dream/nightmare last night. It's been so long since I've had a nightmare that I just had to share it. It's already starting to get foggy, so I'm writting this down while somewhat fresh in my mind.

First, I was a beaver living in a river in the middle of winter. I was splashing around with my friend, the otter. For some reason, my otter-friend offended a moose. Apparantly, the moose thought I was involved in the offense, so it started chasing the both of us. Unfortunately, my swimming abilities as a beaver were inferior to my companion's. There's the old saying that if you're in a group being chased by a bear, you only have to be faster than the slowest person. This rule-of-thumb applied here, unfortunately for me, and I was soon overtaken by the moose.

As the moose started goring me (beaver), I was suddenly transported out of the beaver's body and was now my human self standing atop the steep bank near the river watching the moose gore the beaver. The moose suddenly looked up and spotted me and began to make it's way up the bank to confront me. As the moose made it to the top, I slid down the bank into the river to create some space between us.

The next thing I new, the moose was standing right above me on the top of the bank, only now there was a mysterious door that appeared no more than five feet from me. I knew all I had to do was get inside that door, and I'd be safe. But, like George Constanza trying to ask for more bread from the soup nazi, I failed and the moose pounced on me and flung me with its antlers.

Cue the wake up and the nightmare is over.