Poop Story

Though I am utterly repulsed by public restrooms, I use them daily at work. Yesterday was no exception. I was working yesterday, when it was time to take my daily deuce. So, I walked across to the other side of the building, took care of business and came back to my desk and sat down. Normally this would have been the end of the story.

However, upon sitting down, I heard a crumpling noise. I turned around to check out my arse, and found that the toilet condom (the tissue paper that you line the seat with), had stuck to me and was flailing out my pants like a beaver's tail.

My only saving grace is that, due to the holiday, there was hardly anyone working, and only 3-4 people at the most would have seen it. If they did, though, they were NOT kind enough to tell me, and let me continue on my way down the road of public humiliation.

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Leslie & Matt said...

I'm sorry, but this story is HILARIOUS! Thanks for making me LOL-Literally :D